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Illusion 1 -  THOUGHTS - Solve for happy - Mo Gawdat

Illusion 1 - THOUGHTS - Solve for happy - Mo Gawdat

You are not the voice in your head, but the observer of your life.

What should you do for happiness?

- Don't be like your negative thoughts.
- Don't try to be what you're feeling inside.
- Recognize when negative thoughts comes to mind.
- Try to minimize the rattling in your head.
- Replace negative thoughts for positive thoughts!

- You're not the voice in your head!
- You're the boss. You can choose your thoughts.
- I am, so my brain thinks.
- You can send your brain!
- Happy thoughts.
- Happiness can always be found in the positive of every concept
- Brains can not multitask

Question: If I am not the voice in my head, who am I?
See following blog post to find out!



- Solve for Happy - Mo Gawdat

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