Death is a fundamental part of existence. Acceptance rather than fear will allow you to properly embrace life.

In much of the Western world today, death is something rarely talked about. Instead, it is feared, and a cause for tremendous sadness. But if you look at other parts of the world, there are often grand celebrations and parties in its honor.

In Rajasthan, Northern India, after an initial twelve days of mourning, parties are thrown for the dead. Meanwhile, Sufis, who are Islamic mystics, throw parties on the anniversary of someone’s death. Is there something to be learned from all this?

The biggest lesson and the fourth ultimate truth is that you can’t hide from death from the day you’re born, you die a little each day. For example, all 25 trillion red blood cells currently in your system will die in the next four months. Take that analogy into the food chain: to sustain the life of one thing, something else must die. Death brings life, and in turn, life dies to make way for the new. Think of how new plant life blooms in graveyards, taking nutrients from decaying bodies.

Instead of hiding from it, we should accept death’s place in all our lives. As with all the other illusions, if you pretend that you have control over your life, death will eventually diminish it and lead you to unhappiness.

Sadly, this is a lesson the author had to learn the hard way after the sudden death of his son, Ali. During a routine procedure, a few small medical errors led to the loss of this bright and promising 21-year-old. Despite the tragedy, Gawdat was able to look at Ali’s life and realize that he had embraced it, lived it to the fullest despite its all-too-brief span. Understanding the limitations of your life will allow you to make the most of it while you can.

Gawdat found that by keeping life in focus instead of worrying about his final rest, he could instead learn to live in peace.

What should you do for happiness?
- Acceptance instead of fear will allow you to embrace life in the right way.
- Instead of hiding from us, we should accept the place of death in all of our lives.
- As with all other illusions, if you pretend to have control over your life, death will eventually reduce it and lead you to unhappiness.
- If you understand the limitations of your life, you can make the best of it as long as you can.

- We're going to die a little bit every day
- There would be no life without death.
- Sooner or later we are all ready to die
- Death will not hurt you
- You can not fool death. We all have to believe it
- Life is always there
- Our physical form is dying, but we never really die.
- Accepting death makes you free, but only after you have been really angry about it
- Live every moment as if it were your last
- Live before you die
- You ultimately lose everything you win
- Rent a full and happy life
- Live in peace
- Have fun!


- Solve for Happy - Mo Gawdat

- Blinkist

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