In the absence of proof and the surprisingly overwhelming odds, perhaps there is a design to the Universe…

Do you believe in a God? It’s a big question, one with many opinions and no conclusive answers. Gawdat, having applied his analytical mind to the question, feels that the fifth and final ultimate truth is that it might make sense that there is a higher power, one which we’ll refer to as the designer.

Let’s begin with the idea of proof: it’s easy to prove that something exists, you just need the evidence. You know that monkeys exist, for example – you’ve probably seen them at the zoo, or pictures and film of them on TV. But can you prove that something doesn’t exist?

Well, no. You’d have to know absolutely everything to know that something doesn’t exist somewhere, and as we saw earlier, our knowledge is limited. Imagine, for instance, that someone claims there’s an imaginary creature known as the plunkey: you’ve never seen one, but you haven’t seen the entire Universe either – so maybe it does exist. Similarly, despite the odds being stacked against it, you can’t prove that the designer doesn’t exist.

Which brings us to the idea of probability: Imagine trying to roll one die and scoring a six: your chances are a simple one-in-six. But for each die you add, the odds get squared. Try rolling ten dice and the odds of getting ten sixes rocket up to 1-in-60 million!

Looking at the huge variety of complex life in the world, you may wonder about the odds of it all developing naturally. According to evolutionary theory, there are approximately 8.74 million different species on Earth, developed by random mutations over time to reach the point they’re at now. Entirely probable given enough time, but since life only began on Earth roughly 3.7 billion years ago, the likelihood of this happening actually gets a lot smaller.

So if it’s a question of probability, the odds are actually in favor of some sort of intelligent design. If you, like the author, accept the design of the Universe, you can become aware of the complex and amazing marvel that it truly is and find happiness in the beauty of existence.

What should you do for happiness?
- If you look at the enormous variety of complex life forms in the world, you may wonder how likely it is that it will develop automatically.
- If you, like the author, accept the design of the universe, you can become aware of the complex and amazing wonder that it really is and find happiness in the beauty of existence

- There is no scientific way to prove that something does not exist.
- Lack of proof that something exists does not mean it does not exist.
- Lack of evidence that something does not exist should be seen as a probability for that existence.
- Everyone adores. We can only choose what we worship
- We are all part of a big design
- There is a big designer and there was also a Steve Jobs
There is no divine intervention
- The design is simply functional
- The design should not be blamed for the result of our actions.
- Life always meets realistic expectations
- Accept the design
- Live the truth. It is so easy to find happiness


- Solve for Happy - Mo Gawdat

- Blinkist

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